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Healthy Gut…Part 2: Prebiotics

This is from today's newsletter about feeding the gut the right foods to support a healthy immune system.
In my last blog I gave you all a little lesson on gut health and how important probiotics are in keeping your GI tract healthy. This time I want to tell you about…

Healthy Gut…Part 1: Probiotics

This is from a past newsletter reviewing the benefits of Probiotics.
  Getting my clients’ guts on track has been top priority lately. I’ve had a few clients come to me with various issues ranging from poor digestion to lower GI…

Jicama Salad with Apple and Cilantro

This salad is not only delicious and perfect for Spring and Summer lunches, it's high in inulin (considered a "prebiotic") and antioxidants.
*This recipe accompanies my newsletter post about prebiotics and gut health. I'll post it here tomorrow!   PREP TIME: 20 MINUTES COOK TIME: N/A  …